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Pet Sweatshirt - Custom

Pet Sweatshirt - Custom

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Each sweatshirt is custom and designed based off a picture sent to me of your pet or pets.

****Your pet will look how it does in the picture, if it is facing a certain way or has its mouth open or close that is how it will look on the sweatshirt. Please keep that in mind when sending the photos. I will send you a proof and do one edit after that if necessary, anything more will be an additional cost!

If you have multiple pets they do not have to be in the same picture together.

If you have three or more pets they will be bigger and centered on the sweatshirt.

-Choose Size and Color option
-Send us a high resolution photo or photos email

It must be a CLEAR unfiltered picture, preferably one taken directly from your phone and not through an app (like snapchat) and then saved. Please send two or three to choose from of JUST the pet looking STRAIGHT at the camera (if your pet is looking to one side that is how it will show on the sweatshirt)

**A proof will be messaged to you before production starts!! You have 1 day to review the proof and send feedback, if we dont hear from you we will assume you have no changes!

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